Mik Cox


Mik serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Ubiety Technologies Inc.

  • Mr. Cox joined HomeAware in July 2019.
  • Prior to joining HomeAware, he was hired by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Data Scientist and IoT Team Lead on JPL's "Technology Evaluation and Infusion Team".  He served as technical lead on JPL's internal "Smart Campus" initiative, and led the development of JPL's Open Source Rover project and a number of other internal IoT projects on JPL's campus. 
  • Mik worked extensively with Amazon Web Services and helped prototype, and then announce and release many new AWS IoT services.
  • Mik holds 5 NASA Honor Awards for exceptional achievement and leadership on NASA projects including the MMS Instrument Suite Team, the MAVEN Team, and the Open Source Rover Project. Mik was also recognized as a "Rising Star" by the Government Innovation Awards for his innovative work in technology.