How It Works

Consisting of a sensor, presence detection engine, and mobile application — HomeAware delivers revolutionary digital home presence monitoring in one ultra-simple awareness solution.

HomeAware Sensor

The HomeAware patented sensor non-invasively monitors for the presence of people in the home using the wireless devices people carry with them every day. It achieves this without reading or collecting the personal data of those devices — protecting your family’s and visitors’ privacy while keeping you better informed of their presence.

HomeAware V3M Sensor 
monitors only WiFi and Bluetooth.

HomeAware V3F Sensor monitors WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular.


Device Signal Detection

Personal wireless devices communicate using radio signals and standardized languages commonly known as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular. They emit these signals to transmit information or periodically look for and tell other devices and networks they are present.

HomeAware uses a combination of both on-network and off-network device detection to improve its  understanding of people’s presence.


Device Types

HomeAware monitors wireless devices in the home to collect network and device information that is used to determine a person’s presence. Smartphones, cellphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, wireless earbuds and headsets, and other home wireless IoT devices are detected by HomeAware.

The primary devices we use for presence detection today are smartphones and cellphones. However, any portable wireless devices can be assigned for presence detection. You can add, edit, or remove which wireless devices are used for detection in a person's profile.


Sensor Range & Geofencing

One HomeAware sensor monitors a home up to 4,000 square feet. Larger homes will require multiple sensors.

To improve accuracy and minimize exterior noise and false detections outside of the home, HomeAware automatically geofences your home — creating an invisible digital border to reduce the chance of false detections.


Device Data Collected

The HomeAware sensor does NOT read or collect personal data transmitted by your family’s or visitors’ wireless devices. It only gathers network and device metadata and identifiers to determine presence. HomeAware is more private than standard security devices like cameras because it does not listen, watch, or record your family or visitors personal activities.

Metadata is information that describes other data. For example: device type, host name, model, mac address, IP address, wifi network, etc.

Learn more about privacy.

HomeAware’s Presence Detection Engine

HomeAware’s innovative presence detection engine uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to detect and identify the known and unknown people entering and leaving your home. It analyzes thousands of device and network data points to extrapolate a better understanding of people’s presence and intelligently learns presence-based behaviors to keep you aware of the situations that matter most.

Presence Detection Engine

Known vs. Unknown Presence

HomeAware distinguishes known from unknown visitors by letting you assign a known person’s device to their profile upon their first visit to your home. HomeAware does not explicitly identify unknown individuals but detects their presence and collects essential pseudonymous device information and key digital identifiers (cellular only) to enable the authorities to more easily identify them with a warrant.

Presence Detection Engine

Presence Identification

HomeAware uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to assess devices, networks, profiles, situations, and notification settings. When an event occurs in the home, HomeAware analyzes thousands of data points to extrapolate a better understanding of people’s presence during a situation.

Presence Detection Engine

Home Intelligence

HomeAware gets smarter about people’s presence in your home over time. It learns people’s presence behaviors — like when specific people are most commonly home — and becomes more accurate in detecting security situations and distinguishing unusual presence-based activity from everyday activity.

HomeAware’s Mobile Application

The HomeAware mobile app alerts and informs homeowners with a robust suite of presence-based features — from actionable alerts and informative activity views and insights, to important presence assessment and profile management tools.

HomeAware eliminates the noise of false alarms and delivers a holistic view of individual and collective presence-based activities in your home, empowering homeowners with everyday awareness.

Mobile Application

Alerting & Notification

HomeAware’s presence-based alerting keeps you informed of new or unknown devices, events, security events, and system alerts. Only receive presence-based alerts about what matters most with highly personalized notifications management tools.

Mobile Application

Activity Views & Insights

From complete home-based presence insight — like when is your home most often empty — to a granular profile-level understanding of a person's individual presence, HomeAware enables you to stay better informed, enabling more intelligent decisions about your family and home security.

Mobile Application

Presence Assessment

When a presence-based event occurs, assess false alarms from real security threats with HomeAware’s insightful presence assessment tools. Assess the situation in context — see who’s present, when and if they’re still in your home, who arrived or departed in tandem, and more.

Mobile Application

Profile Management

Create, edit, and manage people’s profiles with ease. HomeAware automatically generates device profiles and helps you quickly identify and assign them to people’s profiles for identification.