Better Awareness, In Every Situation

No matter the circumstances, having better awareness of who is present can help inform and secure your family and home.

98% of Home Security Situations are False-Alarms

Traditional home security is binary — on or off. Door open. Door closed. It does not provide additional context when a security or everyday situation arise.

HomeAware delivers the contextual awareness of presence and identity in the moments a door opens, giving you the ability to assess, secure, and know who’s present in your home, regardless of the situation.

Home Awareness Applications

Day-to-day awareness provides exceptional value for busy professionals and homeowners.

Home Service Providers

From nannies to dog walkers, home service providers are a part of many family’s home life. HomeAware lets you monitor and identify who you expect to be in your home.

  • Baby / Pet / House Sitter
  • Housekeeper / Maid
  • Repair / Maintenance People
  • Utility People
  • Landlords
  • In-Home Health Caregiver
  • Real Estate Agent / Showings

Social Awareness

Expected, or unexpected, HomeAware keeps you informed of family, friends, and acquaintances as they approach and enter your home. It’s great to know the people who matter most arrived safely at your home.

Unexpected Arrival: When better awareness of presence can change the context of a situation.

Home Security Situations

Knowing who is home at the time of a break-in, helps to keep you and your loved ones informed and provides more contextual awareness to take action.

Intrusion Home Security

HomeAware gives you real-time, contextual awareness. Users receive an alert the moment a device is detected and if the device belongs to someone unfamiliar. Users can take action to alert the authorities or trusted responders through the app to quickly resolve the situation.

Unhelpful Assistance: When your security system fails to deliver the information you need, HomeAware is there.

Non-Intrusion Home Security

Sometimes negative events involve those we know. HomeAware lets you know who was present and helps you resolve the matter, in the way you prefer.