Mark Hoffmann

Chief Architect

Mark serves as the Chief Architect at Ubiety Technologies Inc.

  • Mr. Hoffmann joined HomeAware in December of 2018 and designs and implements the cloud infrastructure, and is chiefly responsible for integrating cutting edge machine learning methodologies into the backend for continued improvement of the overall system.
  • Mark received a Masters in Analytics degree at the top data science graduate program in the country at North Carolina State University. During this time, he also worked as a data scientist at the CIA. 
  • His experience in anomaly detection for fraud in the healthcare industry led him to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he worked to fortify powerful anomaly detection methods for telemetry data from spacecraft. 
  • While at NASA JPL, he led multi hundred million dollar DARPA programs that push the state of the art in AutoML and AI systems with the top AI research labs across the world.